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A simple comma or the correct hyphenation can completely change the meaning of what you say, and its omission or inclusion can cost your company money. It is often difficult to edit your own writing because you may not see what readers see. Consider the difference between “John said Tim is guilty” and “John, said Tim, is guilty.” They mean completely different things with the commas. 

I can be sensitive to these ambiguities and the storytelling technique because I can provide a fresh perspective when I proofread or edit your work. I am a writer's ally, and  my goal is to make sure your reader stays in your story. 

Services offered


I offer different levels of editing and coaching, and it's likely that your project fits into one of those categories. If it doesn't, we can determine the scope that is right for you. My most recent book-length projects have included historical fiction, general fiction, business, health and wellness, memoir, fitness, and self-improvement, but I am open to almost any topic. 

I usually work in Microsoft Word and use the Tracked Changes feature so you can see the edits I've made. I look at what is written and what your goal is when I make editorial decisions and suggestions. The price depends on the length of the work, the service desired, and the turnaround time.

Questions? Just ask. I'd love to help. 

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About me


I have more than twenty years of experience proofreading and editing books, manuals, Web sites, articles, brochures, and more. I also have seven years of experience in marketing. I've worked for authors, book publishers, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses. I have a BA in journalism (cum laude) from Temple University. I attend editing conferences and take courses to update my skills. I consistently meet deadlines and will produce an accurate, quality edit on time and within budget. I really enjoy helping others, so tell me about your project and get your free sample today.  


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