I offer different levels of editing to fit your budget and your goals. I will polish your writing, and I help writers who feel stuck.

Questions? I'd love to help. 

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A light copyedit (sometimes also called proofreading by authors) is an edit before publication without a lot of changes. This service requires a final document and uses the Track Changes feature of Word to indicate any suggested changes. Service includes checking punctuation, spelling, grammar, and usage and consistent formatting, but it does not include evaluating what is written. It just ensures what is written conforms to the right style and is grammatically correct. 

A standard copyedit or line edit gives you all of the services of a light edit, plus identifying and suggesting resolutions for problems with clarity. It is popular with authors who are already comfortable with what is written, and it will catch easily resolved inconsistencies. Businesses often use this service for their Web sites, articles, brochures, white papers, and  manuals to ensure their message is clear and their image is polished. You might see sentences reworked to remove passive voice, transitions smoothed out, or comments for items you need to evaluate further.   

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Are you stuck? Do you have questions about where your story should go? I offer two services to help.

Developmental editing is needed when what you’ve written needs to be reviewed from a wider perspective. I will make suggestions for the work's improvement, such as: 

  • Ensuring point of view is consistent
  • Resolving inconsistencies
  • Helping create properly developed and realistic characters
  • Identifying and suggesting resolutions for problems with logic, organization, and presentation
  • Evaluating relevance to audience
  • Ensuring objectives (from you, your company, or your publisher) are met
  • Identifying formatting and layout problems and suggesting ways to resolve them 
  • Flagging where permission may be needed to reprint something
  • Ensuring concepts are adequately explained

This service is often used for book manuscripts, for example, prior to submission to a publisher or agent, and it will identify the things that publishers look for. Copyediting is a separate service after the developmental edit.  

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Coaching is as flexible as you need it to be to help you meet your goals. It could be discussion about a problem you are struggling to resolve or a technique you want to apply. It could be a report that  reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your work. Many writers prefer this when they're not ready to publish or just want direction about where to go next. Questions? I'd love to help. 

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