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A simple comma or the correct hyphenation can completely change the meaning of what you say, and its omission or inclusion can cost your company money. It is often difficult to edit your own writing because you’re too close to knowing what you really mean. Consider the difference between “John said Tim is guilty” and “John, said Tim, is guilty.” They mean completely different things with the commas. I can be sensitive to these ambiguities because I can provide a fresh perspective when I proofread or edit your work. I am a writer's ally.

Click here to see what others have said about my work. But what really matters is what I can do for you. People are often curious as to what professional editing entails. Brief descriptions and sample edits appear below. People have different goals and budgets, and I am dedicated to giving you the edit you want to meet your goals.  You'll need Adobe Reader to see the samples.
Copyediting can include checking punctuation, grammar, spelling, and usage against a style guide. Other levels would also include light rewording (such as for passive voice) and identifying areas that need clarification. Your edit will also include a style sheet indicating which decisions I've made and why. Word documents will use Tracked changes; I can also edit PDFs.Click here to see a sample. Using APA? Here's a sample for references. 

Developmental or substantive editing
reviews a work from a
wider perspective. This service focuses on your story: What does it need to make it really shine? I will make suggestions for the work's improvement, such as:
  • Identifying and suggesting resolutions for problems with logic, organization, and presentation
  • Ensuring intended audience finds work relevant
  • Ensuring objectives (from you, your company, or your publisher) are met
  • Identifying formatting and layout problems and suggesting ways to resolve them
  • Flagging where permission may be needed to reprint something
  • Ensuring concepts are adequately developed so readers will understand
  • Evaluating point of view (number one reason for rejection), plot, pace, setting, and character development for novels

This service is often used for book manuscripts, for example, prior to submission to a publisher or agent. It is a often two-step process, with the first pass identifying problems to be solved and the second pass including copyediting. Some authors only want the first pass of this service. Click here to see a sample of a first pass of this editing level.


Questions? I'd love to help. Just ask. Remember, you can get a free sample edit for your project.
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