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I have more than twenty years of experience proofreading and editing books, manuals, Web sites, articles, brochures, and more. I also have seven years of experience in marketing. I've worked for book publishers, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses. I have a BA in journalism (cum laude) from Temple University. I also have a certificate from Brainbench for business writing, where I scored at the Master's Level in the top three percent. I consistently meet deadlines and will produce an accurate, quality edit on time and within budget. I really enjoy helping others, so tell me about your project!

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Curious about what others say? These quotes are from QA reviewers, book packagers, publishers, and individuals. I have not always listed specific names and projects here, but if you would like to know that information, please e-mail me.

Thank you for helping me with my novel! You have turned my book into something I can be proud of and helped me improve as an author. (C. R. Preston, author, The Spanish Guru and The Ostrich Farmer)

Ms. Horn has been simply wonderful to work with. She is professional, communicative, and prompt. Her work is thorough, and her feedback most helpful. (Deidre Owen, author, Trial by Reflection)

[Michelle's] attention to detail was impressive, and she would comment on areas of the story with positive comments. As a new writer, this was important to me.
(Steve Smith, author, I Know What Really Happened)

An excellent editor, Michelle Horn not only found and corrected the usual grammar and punctuation errors, the low-hanging fruit of copyediting, but she saw how a "good" book could become a "great" book by suggesting how the main character might show more feelings. She also caught those murky passages that may have made sense to the author but would puzzle any reader. I am grateful for Michelle's professional advice and direction. (Bill Allison, The Apprentice)

You did such a thorough job, Michelle, and the report looks so much more polished now!
(QA reviewer)

The edit that you did on my story was excellent. It improved my story 100 percent. (Thomas Cane, Civil War historian and author)

Michelle has an amazing eye for detail...Michelle went beyond what I expected and added great value. (B. Bansal, author, The Birth and Evolution of Science)

You are truly a professional editor: organized, detailed, and conscientious. (D. Stocco, book designer)

Michelle’s strengths are lots of feedback, examples, and choice. (Author, fiction)

I cannot express how helpful it was that needed improvements were highlighted and many helpful suggestions accompanied those comments. (Author, nonfiction)

We love reviewing your work, Michelle. (QA reviewer)

Thank you for being consistently awesome! (QA reviewer)

This edit looks great. (QA reviewer)

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